Making the Most of Sidewalk and Changeable Outdoor Signs

Sidewalk Signs and Changeable Outdoor SignAcross the U.S, retailers, hotel managers and restaurant owners are gearing up for Spring! Now is the time to restock and prepare for Spring customers. There’s no better way to prepare than by investing in sidewalk signs and changeable outdoor signs.


Fishing and Reeling Them In


One could look at outdoor advertising as the sport of fishing. The signicades, swinger signs and changeable message signs you place outside your establishment are the “bait” and once in, your products reel customers in and close the deal.


Outdoor signage  is hard for those in cars or walking on sidewalks to miss—people can’t help but notice them.  In shopping and eating districts, the retailers that take advantage of outdoor signage win the customer. Why? Because they are offering information that piques the interest of the average consumer.


The “information” may be a welcome in, but it can also include things like sale announcements, restaurant menus, deals of the day or even the price of a hotel room or what’s brewing in the coffee shop.


Interruption Marketing


Changeable Message Signs with Letter KitsWhen consumers walk the streets of shopping districts—even if they are in route to work or on an errand, sidewalk signs and changeable outdoor signs serve as a form of interruption marketing.


Interruption market is just what it sounds like.  It is a form of communicating with consumers in a way that “interrupts” their current activity.


The key to making the best use of outdoor signage is ensuring:


The message is clear

The sign is prominently placed

No words are misspelled and proper grammar is used

Mixing up your message on a consistent basis to keep consumers interested


Even if your establishment is not in the heart of your town’s shopping and eating district, Metropolitan Display also has outdoor signage options for you such as our roadside billboard sign with changeable message board.


The key is to use them creatively and “interrupt” the lives of those walking on the street or driving by your establishment.


Additional Signage Options


Roadside Bulletin Board Signs
Browse through our entire lineup of swinger signs which includes lettering kits, erasable message signs and neon-marker swinger curb/sidewalk signs. We offer both black and white durable, high-quality signs built to last.


We also carry rolling signs for easy maneuvering and our swinger signs come in 24” x 36” and 32” by 52” to help announce, entice and engage consumers.


Taking Advantage of Outdoor Signage Discounts


Throughout the month of March 2013, all of Metropolitan Display’s swinger curb/sidewalk signs are 10 percent off (promo code swinger10—or if placing a phone order, just mention the code to one of our operators).


Swinger Curb Sidewalk SignBecause Spring—and then Summer—are just around the corner, now is the time to utilize outdoor signage options and “interrupt” consumers. And, as with all the display products we sell, you can order online or call us and place an order.


Advertise with sidewalk signs and changeable outdoor signs and because all of our products are deeply discounted, you’ll see the return on your ad investment quickly.


Don’t forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter and we invite you to interact with us on Google+!

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