Need to Downsize Your Store? Avoid These Retail Product Display Mistakes!

Retail Product Display MistakesThe giant home improvement retailer, Home Depot announced plans to open 50 new stores isn’t on the horizon (at least not now) and is being placed on hold according to a New York Times story. Many smaller retailers who are fighting to stay prosperous in a tough economy are also downsizing.


If this is something you have done, a smaller space doesn’t mean you still can’t have great product displays—if you commit to avoiding these retail product display mistakes.


Why Not Display by Color?


This is great for a one-product display but if you are downsizing to a smaller space, trying to squeeze a variety of products into one display based on item or packaging color is a no-no.


People shop by product, not by color—unless of course it’s a one-product display, say dresses—then they may seek the colors they desire most.


Don’t try this. It only detracts not attracts to a product display.


Squeeze as Many Things as You Can in One Display!


Discount Product Catalog DisplaysNot only does this look stuffed and is a mess, it’s almost impossible for shoppers to find what they’re looking for and they’ll avoid displays like this. And, what if one of your customers wants to actually pull out a product and look at it? Will they all fall down? If so, now you’ve embarrassed your customer!


If your display spaces are limited you still need to make products accessible to customers. If you are displaying a popular T-shirt product, don’t try to put all sizes in the tight space. Instead invest in a product catalog holder display along with a sign that says “Don’t see your size? Just ask!”


My Displays Require Tons of Information. It’s Fine to Attach Brochures to Every Product!


First off, the attached brochure may “cover” the product or hide it. If you sell electronics, it is true many folks want to learn more about a mobile phone, a tablet or laptop, but using two-sided tape to place brochures on top of your electronics is a big retail product display mistake. There is another solution.


Tablet and iPad retail display holdersInvest in informational displays like tablet and iPad holders. Make the menus user friendly with icons based on products. Let customers explore the products via interactive displays and there’s no need to worry about the safety of your tablets or iPads being stolen—our electronic displays come with anti-theft security locks. Invest in two or three so every customer has a chance to explore product information.


For example, if one of your products is a laptop, create an icon for “laptops” on the iPad or tablet. This allows customers to easily click on the desired product icon and learn more.


The “I-Can’t-Find-Anything” Retail Store


Three Tier Bulletin Holders for Informational Product DisplaysChances are if consumers were attracted enough to enter your establishment, they are interested in something. Maybe it was your use of changeable message outdoor signs that made them stop in?


Sidewalk signs do attract foot traffic but once inside, if you’ve had to downsize and have limited retail space to display your products and display them haphazardly, you are doomed. Consumers aren’t interested in playing the “where’s the product” game and they don’t want to go on a scavenger hunt.


One great idea is to smartly design your displays and direct indoor traffic with bulletin holders to inform customers where things are within the store.


Because bulletin holders come in a variety of sizes you can find one that will work within your retail store to inform visitors where products are located.


If you’ve really had to downsize, considered a two- or three-tiered bulletin holder using inserts to direct: “Kitchen (arrow pointing left or right),” or “Bathroom” or “Cookware.” A three-tiered display works well here because you can direct shoppers to three areas within your store using one bulletin holder stand.


Times are tough economically but people are still using disposable income to shop for what they desire and need—and many more consumers are interested in buying local to help their communities. Don’t steer shoppers away from your store with these retail product display mistakes and instead, take advantage of product display items that help your store shine.


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