Online Display Advertising vs. Offline Display Advertising

Offline Retail Display TipsRecently, we came across an interesting article on Small Business Computing, “5 Tips to Make Small Business Display Advertising Work” and wondered if online vs. offline display advertising is different or do they rely on the same basic components?


We thought we look at some online display ad tips and compare them to retail displays to see if they are similar in idea and preparation, score them and pick a winner!


1. Target Audience


With online displays you need to ensure the ads you put on your website or social media pages are or will reach your target market. That means choosing pay-per-click demographics to engage your target audience.


With retail displays, while there should be some determined effort on what you want to convey whether the message is on a swinger sidewalk sign or bulletin holder, because retail displays are seen by so many demographics, you can sort of skip worrying about reaching the “right” market.


Stunning and noticeable retail displays are very eye-appealing and they do draw the consumer in—no matter the age, sex or income level.


Our Winner: Offline Display Advertising


2. Connecting with Banner Ads


Bulletin HoldersOnline banner ads must be engaging and full of colorful imagery. Beyond that, they must not annoy and have clearly marked places to close the banner ad.


Offline ad efforts such as using banner stands and informational display products don’t annoy but invite. The viewer can choose to look (and with custom inserts that offer great company info it’s hard not to look) or take a brochure or flyer with them to learn more.


In addition, with display promotional ad tools that pop, there’s never a need for clicking on the ad, the offline display engages without clicking—and then tracking the IP address of the consumer.


Our Winner: Offline Display Advertising


3. Calls to Action


Roadside Bulletin Board SignsProduct descriptions or service offerings online need to engage meaning you need to create a call to action (CTA). An example may be a radio button where customers can “Get a Free Quote” or “Save 10% Now.” These do help—even within blog posts about your industry written and posted on your website.


Brick and mortar retailers can also achieve calls to action with swinger curb signs, sidewalk signs, signicades and roadside billboard signs. The viewer of the offline ad doesn’t need to click a radio button, they simply see the CTA as they walk or drive past it.


Both are very effective, but online CTAs can also include buttons like buy it now or prominently show pricing. And, the person doesn’t have to go anywhere if they want to buy an item—they simply click the button, add it to their cart and checkout.


Our Winner: A Tie


4. Optimize Your Landing Page


Retail Poster FramesThe idea behind online landing pages is to match the banner display ads with the landing page content. For example, if you’ve got a landing page describing one specific product, the banner promotions on that webpage should entice the viewer to buy the product.


Retail displays and signage do the same but in a see, feel and touch sort of way. Attractive displays that are organized with design flair are attention-grabbing. Instead of a constant online banner ad nagging you to buy the product, why not create stunning retail displays and use signage to invite, announce and inform?


Our Winner: Offline Display Advertising



5. Lead Tracking


Both online and offline retailers should have a way to track their leads. Brick and mortar retailers can use methods like big data collection via requests for phone numbers or emails. The same can be said for online retailers.


Here, technology does help. There are many ways to track leads affordably with software dedicated to sales and closing the deal—goal setting as well.


Sidewalk Signs and Changeable Outdoor SignAnd, if you use human lead tracking in the form of a question: “How did you find us?” or “What made you stop in today?” the effort is in asking the question and then manually tracking responses.


Our Winner: Online Display Advertising


So, in comparison, out of the five tips offered, offline display advertising gained a 3.5 score out of a 1.5 score for online display ads.


Does that mean you should discontinue your online ad efforts? Absolutely not! What this does mean is display and promotional products will enhance and entice and above all, they’re not picky about demographics—they reel them all in. So be sure to make both your online and offline ad efforts similar for brand building.


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Small Business Computing (August 2012)

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