Retailers: Use Tablet Displays This Holiday Season and Sell More!

Use iPad and Galaxy Tablet Displays to Sell More This Holiday SeasonIf you’re a retailer and you haven’t started your holiday product display plan, start today! Sure you might be thinking about the best window displays, discounts and sales, but how do you plan on “showcasing” your products. In other words, during the busy holiday shopping season, is there a way to inform and educate consumers about your products while you’re helping other customers? The answer is simple—tablet displays.


Here are some of our favorite electronic tablet displays along with ideas for uses:


Industrial Grade iPad Kiosk Wall-Mounted Display


iPad Tablet Kiosk Display HoldersThis is one durable tablet display and comes with a 10-year warranty. It’s easy to install your iPads—works on iPads 2, 3 and 4 and includes a security lock and key to keep your iPads safe. This dark grey holder for tablets also tilts, rotates and pivots—and it’s made in the USA.


Think of a crowded shopping mall or holiday travelers in an airport. You have product to sell and they are in a hurry. With these wall-mounted iPad displays, entice customers with pictures, product information, various models available and pricing. At the end of your iPad product show, lead them where they can find the product. If you offer easy purchasing options like Google Wallet, iWallet or PayPal Mobile let them know right on the iPad screen and you will close the sale quick and easy.


Aluminum Pro Samsung Galaxy Display Holder


Samsung Galaxy Tablet Display Holder for Counter TopsAlso made in the USA is this classic aluminum pro Samsung Galaxy display holder which is great on a counter top. Will house the Galaxy 10.1 tablet and also offers integrated USB cables, a rotating frame and anti-theft hardware. This is available in black and silver and the flange mount allows you to affix the tablet display holder securely to counter tops.


Let’s imagine you’re at the cash register and your staff is helping others inside your retail clothing store. You’re trying to promote the latest in fall fashion—an easy-wear, one-piece ankle length dress that shines with the right boots. Everyone is interested in these dresses but you and your staff are tied up! Here, the Samsung Galaxy display holder comes to the rescue! Use it to show videos and images of this must-have dress. Show front, back and rotating images. Reveal how the dress looks with different types of footwear or outwear items. Show the dress on models—even for plus size-women. Inform shoppers what materials the dress is made from and what sizes are available. If they love your presentation, they’ll stick around and buy that must-have dress—even during the holiday rush!


Aluminum iPad and Samsung Galaxy Floor Stand Displays


iPad tablet display holders with floor baseWe’re happy to offer the classic aluminum pro iPad tablet floor stand display with a square base. We also have a similar model for the Samsung Galaxy tablet.


The iPad holder works on generations 2, 3 and 4 and the Samsung is compatible with the Galaxy 10.1 tablet.  Both feature integrated USB cables, rotating frames for vertical and horizontal displays and anti-theft hardware. They are made in the USA and available in black or silver. At 37-inches in height with square heavy steel bases, these tablet floor display holders are just the ticket for product showcasing.


For larger retailers with may departments, consider how easy it is to attract shoppers to colorful presentations informing them of all the features of particular products. Change product display shows depending on time of day. Stay-at-Home Moms might shop in the morning or afternoon where working Moms will head to your store during lunch or the evening. Again, include all information about the products in your Keynote or PowerPoint presentations including price, models, sizes and colors. Be as precise as possible so when the customer comes to the cash register with the product, they’re set to pay and go.


Take advantage of this “third-arm” solution to selling more this holiday shopping season. Electronic tablet displays are a great way to get product information to your customers and in reality, many shoppers prefer informational displays to the talking, pushy salesperson. And, if you purchase any of our tablet displays before October 31, 2013, you’ll get a 10 percent discount:


Save 10 percent off table display holders for iPad and Samsung


At Metropolitan Display we offer a variety of electronic tablet displays and accessories so stock up and get ready for a profitable holiday season at your retail store!


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