Temporary Office Rentals Successful With the Right Display Equipment!

Temporary Office RentalsIn big cities and towns from Atlanta to New York City to Los Angeles to Miami, businesses of all kinds are taking advantage of temporary office rentals also known as “going temp to perm” to cut down on expenses.


Retail space for businesses is competitive in all major cities and as new businesses pop up, the need for rental spaces rises. This is why so many are choosing temporary office rentals instead of looking for long-term leasing options or outright building purchases. And, with today’s world so technologically advanced, many business owners can set up shop in retail spaces that are a lot smaller than ever before.


You Have the Space—Now What?


Once you find a temporary office rental, it’s time to gear up and get the items you need to brand your business and make it successful.


Discount Business Cards and PrintingMetropolitan Display’s sister store, Metropolitan Digital offers 25 percent off of brochures, business cards, flyers, sell sheets, post cards and more to help you save on all your business printing needs.


We make the artwork upload and proof process easy and at prices all new business owners can afford. Make sure you have everything you need with your logo and company information to announce your new space.


After the Furniture


Many temporary office rentals come with office and business furniture or you may already have your own, but you need to dress up the space to engage customers and offer them a warm welcome.


Some of the items you can find to do just this at Metropolitan Display include:


Poster Frames - Use these to display posters depicting your business trade or posters that entice. We offer many poster frames in chrome, black and those that are have the easy-open front load option.


Convex Poster StandsPoster Stands – Our convex large poster stand is popular among many of our office clients as it allows for inserts with your own artwork and also offers a divider feeling to your temporary space rental. At such affordable discount pricing, you may want to dress up your office with two of these in corner areas.


Brochure Holders – From single brochure to multi-brochure acrylic holders to wire literature baskets, these are the perfect place to display your informational brochures that attract, not detract from the colorful print items you place in them.


Garment Racks – Our two-way garment racks are a perfect place for client’s outdoor wear while they visit with you in your office.


Easels – With our easel sign selections, you can set up your presentation easily. These easy to move signs fold up when not in use and are ready at a moment’s notice when needed.


Floor displays for temporary office rental spaceFloor Displays  – You can really make your temporary office rental your own with the floor displays we offer—and at affordable prices. Forget about painting the walls and instead let us show you how we can make your office engaging with customizable floor displays.


Pulling it Together


As we stated earlier, the need for office space is on the rise and many office buildings are designed just for the purpose of leasing office spaces on a temporary basis.


Nothing is drearier than an office full of white walls with no pizzazz. Make your clients feel welcome with the many products we offer at Metropolitan Display and we promise our discount prices will fit into any budget!


Image Credit: Pakorn/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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