The Challenge of Being a Multiple Display Manager

Tips for Multiple Display ManagersIf you’re in charge of many display duties whether you’re in the hotel, restaurant or retail business making each display consistent can be challenging. Each business chain will have their own unique style and location.


Location is probably your biggest challenge as displays may need to offer all types of feels from fast-paced cities to the mid-west to the southwest.


Designing these displays means finding affordable and discounted display items that are durable and long-lasting and also easy to use across the board, no matter where the location of the hotel, restaurant or retail store.


The Business of Bulk Buying


Discount Garment RacksMost multiple display managers will buy their display items in bulk—it makes sense because bulk-buying saves money. Some managers face the challenge of ensuring displays are franchisor-chain specific with exact design matching. Still others must work with local managers who know what their customers look for in design, comfort and appearance.


No matter what category you fall in—and you probably fall in all three—Metropolitan Display has always offered discounted bulk buying and we continually offer new display items to our inventory list on a regular basis.


Popular Must-Haves


From lobbies to conference rooms to restaurant common areas, we have many best sellers to make your display challenges minimal.


Lobbies and Common Areas


For these areas you need to rely on commercial grade garment racks, brochure holder displays and pedestal stand for informational or meet and greet purposes.


Some of our top sellers include:


Discount Formal Pedestal StandsDouble-Bar Straight Garment Rack – These are not only attractive must-haves, some access
ories to complement these racks include grid topper baskets, z-braces and add-on hanging rails for additional space


Formal Pedestal Stand – With twin extra thick straight fixed poles and a rectangular base, this front loading pedestal stand fits in any lobby or common area with ease. In addition to our formal stands, we also offer many other pedestal stands and custom printed inserts.


Brochure Displays – These are also one of our most popular items for common areas and lobbies. Not only do we offer single brochure displays for insertion around common areas, we also offer wire and multiple holder acrylic brochure holders for single-area viewing or easy access.




As a multiple display manager, many of the hotels and restaurants need your help with conference displays such as poster frames, bulletin holders, tables and our latest best-seller—electronic iPad displays.


Discount Conference TablesTables – Whether you need tables for seating or conference sign-in, we have the furniture you seek. We carry both portable and folding tables for easy convenience. All of our tables are of top quality and again, when buying in bulk, you’ll save even more.


Poster Frames – Along with pedestal stands, poster frames are also useful for conference announcements or promotional displays. Need custom printed inserts? Not a problem at Metropolitan Display.


Bulletin Holders – We carry many styles of bulletin holders and throughout the month of February 2013, all of them at 10% off (just enter promo code STAND10 at checkout). From single tier to three tier, these holders can direct, promote and inform conference attendees.


Electronic iPad Displays – For staying interactive with the conference crowd, iPad displays are hot these days. They make presentation easy and we offer both table top or floor displays for easy interaction.


Organize Like a Pro


iPad floor stand displaysEvery multiple display manager needs to have some tricks up their sleeve and we make that easy for you—to keep  display inventory in stock at the various locations and venues where you are the go-to person.


Don’t forget we also offer business printing services where you’ll save 25% every day!


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