The Power of Brochure Holders, Pedestal Stands and Catalog Holders

Point of Purchase Pedestal StandsWant powerful, eye catching and easy to use advertising tools to place your message directly into your targeted consumer’s hands. Metropolitan Display makes it easy with our brochure holders, pedestal stands and catalog holders.


Pedestal Stands


Take for example our formal insert angled frame pedestal stands. At a convenient height of 37 inches, your display is just where you need it to showcase your product information. These stands have a main informative panel making it easy for clients to zero in on the information you insert. Depending on your specific needs, these can be ordered as vertical or horizontal. The frame for these displays only hides a 3/8-inch section of your viewable area and they are a snap to open to update information.


Tri-fold brochure holdersAnother great feature of all these pedestal displays is that they are solidly made and come in several finish choices. They will provide years of service and portability.


Brochure Holders


Point of Purchase Sell Sheet Acrylic Holders Letter SizeThe ultimate point of purchase display is our brochure holders. Depending on model, you can display 4×9-inch tri-fold brochures or pamphlets or 8×10-inch information sheets. Buy two of each to hold up to eight informational pamphlets and make a stunning counter top display to entice consumers.


Catalog Holders


Set up a full size catalog using our open tray catalog holder or purchase our binder catalog holder that comes with a built-in three-ring binder. Made with aluminum construction, these durable displays are quick to assemble and they are made in the United States. With their classic look, these holders work in an endless variety of applications.


Recommended Uses


Open face catalog holder display standsSuppose you are opening a restaurant in a high traffic area. Any one of our pedestal stands are perfect to showcase your menu. Or, use the brochure holders for your take out menus and set up at the hostess location.


At a craft or trade show, put the highlights of your business in the hands of your potential clients to browse while waiting for assistance using any of these displays. If you provide a customized service, brochures and pamphlets are an absolute must-do to help you sell your message. Any specialized business will benefit from these professional looking displays.


These same displays will work well in an office situation to give information to clients as they wait for appointments. At a dental office, inform patients on the services you provide. Most dental offices also want to educate patients in proper mouth care and promote healthy ways to care for themselves and their families. For medical offices you will be able to provide a wide variety of services and consumer health information options.


Binder Catalog holder standsA spa or salon can list their services in a brochure or pamphlet and display them in the waiting area or on counter tops or tables.


At a rental community, use a pedestal stand to reveal available floor plans for your property. Add the 4.9-inch acrylic stands and insert a tri-fold brochure showing rental prices and options.


With our pedestal stands, brochure holders and catalog stands, you have many display options open for your business!


Metropolitan Display is the perfect company to showcase YOU. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn and don’t forget, we also provide custom printed inserts and brochure and sell sheet printing in crisp clear colors—visuals to really make your displays shine.

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