Unlock the Secret of Mobile Signage!

Unlock the Secrets of Mobile MarketingMobile signage is quality-advertising space that pays for itself quickly. It is an inexpensive way to invest in high profile advertising with high impact and visibility for a small price point. While many states and localities have banned the use of outdoor billboards or enacted onerous restrictions on their placement and usage, businesses can typically avoid these regulations and restrictions via the use of mobile signage. It’s free publicity and an excellent way to introduce new products or services.


Increase Your Reach


Mobile advertisements are a smart solution for covering large geographic areas to saturate an area. All you need to do is conduct your demographic research, target your areas, and position your signage. Car top signs are an inexpensive way to outfit a one car or a fleet of vehicles with targeted messages, and this signage works at delivering advertising messages 24/7.


Move Your Signage


Use car top signs for mobile marketingTo be effective, mobile signage needs to stay on the move. Parking vehicles adorned with car top signs outside your business day after day will not deliver the necessary results. Instead, target high traffic areas to visit on a regular basis while you or your employees are making deliveries or conducting routine day-to-day business. Convenience stores, malls and shopping centers are just a few of the many high traffic areas that can give promotional messages more exposure.


No Vehicle Fleet?


No worries; you can benefit from mobile signage by sponsoring a local sports team or school and having your name and business information emblazoned on their uniforms or t-shirts. Even better, have some promotional t-shirts made up and give them away to your customers or use them as giveaways at tradeshow events and exhibitions. The amount of additional advertising you will receive might amaze you as these living mannequins go about their daily routines wearing apparel advertising your company, product or brand.


Making Mobile Signs Effective


Use curb and sidewalk signs in high traffic areasAn important point about mobile signage is that unless the vehicle is parked or your living mannequins are standing still, the message is moving. Keep the messages short and easy to read with compelling headlines and a powerful call to action. Focus on one or two key points; never try to tell your entire company story or history.


Additionally, take off the owner’s hat for a minute and put on the customer hat. If you didn’t know anything about your product or service, what would you need to know to make a buying decision? What type of value-added features would interest you? What might turn you off or make you decide not to make a purchasing decision? What incentives would appeal to you? Once you know the answers to these questions, you’re in a better position to create an advertising message that attracts potential customers to your business or brand.


If you need to get results fast, mobile signage is an inexpensive way to engage potential clients, keep existing customers, and generate more exposure for your company. You will stand out from the crowd because of its high visibility, and it is an innovative way to market any product or service.


Metropolitan Display has the mobile signage product to help boost your brand, market and advertise your business and we’ve been pleasing customers since 1994! We hope you’ll like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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