Why Indoor Display Advertising in Restrooms Works

Indoor Display Advertising in RestroomsIt’s time to think outside the box and learn why indoor advertising displays placed in restrooms can drive sales and entice consumers. While not new to the indoor display advertising world, if you’re not taking advantage of this commonly-used space, you really need to start.


Using Restrooms


Yes, you can use the restrooms in your restaurant, lobby or retail store to ensure your business always stays fresh in the consumer’s mind. What can you place in restrooms you ask and how will they help? The answers (and statistics) will surprise you!


Compared to print ads, restroom ads win in consumer viewing time—1.5 to 2 minutes compared to 3 to 5 seconds. In addition, repeat customers see this type of indoor display advertising on a consistent basis and if you’re restroom displays ads are done right, 98 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the ads they saw in restrooms and responded to them.


A  Rice University study showed display ads in restrooms receive 40 percent more impressions than traditional ad mediums.


Metropolitan Display has the indoor display advertising products you need at discount prices including:


Poster Frames for Restroom AdvertisingPoster Frames – Use these front or side loading frames with imagery of what you want to promote. These are not only great for long-term brand building, they are also effective to instantly entice the viewer. A multi-department retail store can use these to promote interdepartmental special sales or discounts. Restaurants can use these for upcoming events or to tempt taste buds with food imagery. Lobby restrooms are a great venue for poster frames full of graphic imagery to announce, inform and advertise.


Bulletin Holder Stands – Make use of empty space in restrooms with bulletin holder stands. The two and three-tier bulletin holder stands offer you the chance to advertise more than one promotion by using a variety of printed inserts. Single tier displays are also very effective in engaging the consumer with your wares and current promotions.


3 Tier Bulletin Holder DisplaysInformational Displays – Metropolitan Display carries various types of informational displays such as multi-holder brochure displays, single literature displays, pedestal stands and catalog bulletin holder stands. Capture the interest of restroom users with brochures or flyers they can take with them or use pedestal stands or catalog display holders for promotions or offer pictorial examples of top sellers in your retail store. Restaurants can offer a catalog displaying dessert or after-dinner drink choices—or any top menu seller. For lobby restrooms, especially in hotels, informational displays are a necessary must-do.


Make Them Pop With Custom Printed Inserts


Once you have the restroom indoor display advertising tools you need, it’s time to make them pop with custom printed inserts for bulletin holder stands or poster frames. You’ll also want to ensure you have stunning brochures and flyers for your informational displays.


Catalog Display Holders for RestroomsThis is also something Metropolitan Display can help with—we offer easy artwork upload or we can help you design custom graphics. We also offer custom printed inserts to make your restaurant display poster frames get noticed. To fill your informational displays to engage the restroom visitor, our sister company, Metropolitan Digital offers business printing services where you’ll always save 25 percent.


Start making use of your restrooms to promote, announce and advertise. The statistics prove these display ads are effective and we have the indoor promotional displays you need!


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